Gail Wisner, Esq.

Coaching Leaders &Leading Coaches

About Me

Who am i?

I started off as a litigation attorney in New York City.  I then went on to work in upper management for a Fortune 500 company where I oversaw more than 300 offices.  My experiences led me to discover that my true passion and gifts lie in working with people.  I have a proven track record of helping Leaders, Lawyers & Coaches, work through the blocks that are interfering with their ability to reach even greater levels of success.  You are ready!  Your time is now!    

My coaching style

What makes me unique?  For starters, I live and embody everything I teach my clients.  I have and continue to face every one of my demons head on and have cut through all the layers of debris to help me uncover my authentic self AND to live from that place every precious day of life.  

Second, I only coach with permission.  What that means is that as I go deeper and deeper to uncover the core issues that lie behind each problem, I check in with the client to make sure they are willing to go that deep.  My style is deep dive, high flame coaching.  It gets very intense, but the client is ALWAYS in control of the temperature in the room.  

Finally, I have been gifted with incredible insight and intuition and I see things the client is unable to see about themselves, in spite of how intelligent they are.  This includes highlighting the patterns the client developed, which sabotage his/her success.  The client is not my friend.  I don't need them to like me.  That is why I don't hold back and I share the truth that others are too afraid to share with them.  All of this is done from a place of love and compassion, coupled with a deep desire for the client's growth, both personally and professionally.  

Experiential DEEP DIVE High flame coaching experience

If you are new to coaching or want to experience whether I am the right coach for you, you may email me at to set up an experiential session with me.  If you don't feel a major shift after our first session, then I am not the right coach for you.  Warning:  If you work with me, expect your life to transform exponentially in the most positive way you could have ever imagined.  It truly is a roller coaster ride!  So fasten your seat belt and head on over :)