Gail Wisner, Esq.

Coaching Leaders &Leading Coaches

Deep Dive Coaching


One to one Coaching

There is no substitute for my deep dive one to one coaching services.  I will go deep with you to uncover and awaken dormant powers within you that are yearning to come through.  I will help you step into the magnificent power house you were created to be.  I offer individual sessions, custom tailored packages, Quarterly and Annual Coaching Agreements.  If you are ready to dive deep and uncover your untapped resources, then I invite you to email me at for a time to talk.  Serious Inquiries only please.

Group Coaching

I offer various group coaching opportunities, including Effortless Weight Loss, Accelerating the Awakening Process through Food and training for Beginner and Intermediate level Coaches.  I will also be starting a Stress Reduction Management group, so feel free to ask me about that.

In Person One Day intensives at a luxury spa in West Palm beach

Looking to make a major change in your life, work through a challenge or simply want to take a day to go deep and uncover a new side of you, then treat yourself to a day at a luxury spa with me.  Includes 2 luxury spa treatments, such as massage, acupuncture or several other modalities to choose from, an all you can eat living raw foods buffet, infra red saunas, ozone swimming pools, mineral pools, yoga and aerobic classes, and so much more.  And of course, some deep and meaningful conversations with me that will be sure to change your life forever.  Investment: $1500, which includes a Deep Dive Coaching session both before and after the Spa Day.

5 Day In person intensive

Come spend 5 days in person with me at my home in West Palm Beach.  Whether you want to learn how to prepare healthy vegan meals, what steps to take to start a new business or to work through a challenging relationship, we will spend 5 days together to give us ample time to work through whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams.  Investment: $2,500  Includes private room and board, vegan cuisine, gym membership with pool and classes, long walks and talks in nature, and a clear road map of everything you need to move forward.

Public speaking training

Looking to become a public speaker or give live or online workshops?  Having trouble finding your voice and speaking your authentic truth?  I will create the perfect package to give you everything you need to create your signature talk, book your workshops or find just the right topic to speak on.  Let's have a conversation to see what your unique needs are and how I can be of service.

Relationship Coaching

The quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships.  Too many people put this on the back burner, when ideally it should always be on the front burner.  When your relationships are in order, everything else will flow easily and naturally.  I have been blessed to be able to help many couples struggling in their relationship to turn things around dramatically and reclaim the love they once had.  I can also help you determine whether it is right for you to stay in your current relationship or move on to someone who is more awakened, like yourself. Let's talk!