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Coaching Leaders &Leading Coaches

Coaching Leaders &Leading Coaches

Deep Dive, High Flame Coaching.  Can you hold space for your untapped personal power?


Deep Dive, High Flame Coaching.  Can you hold space for your untapped personal power?


self care for care takers


As Leaders & Coaches, we are experts at taking care of everyone, but ourselves.  Over the years, this starts to take its toll, impacting our health and those we are most connected to.  Our ability to serve is directly proportional to our level of health, energy and vitality.  I have over 10 years of experience as a Certified Holistic and Integrative Health Coach, helping busy professionals balance their personal needs with those of the people they lead.   As your stress levels decrease, your performance will significantly improve..  Moreover, you will start to love and enjoy every moment of the gift of life.  Every moment matters, because you matter!

Owning your personal power


The ego speaks first and the ego speaks loudest.  Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  That is fake power.  Real power is silent, saving its voice for when it really matters.  Authentic power is focused and not scattered.  It doesn't people please or seek to make others comfortable.  True power requires courage, to do the challenging things that we are most afraid of..  Going to the next level requires support.  You are already serving so many people.  Now it's time to let yourself be served.  I am here.  You are not alone.  Let me serve you.

Self Leadership Skills


Your ability to lead others is directly proportional to your ability to lead yourself, especially in the areas that are most challenging for you.  Your organization will only be as effective as you are in your own personal life.  And if you are a coach, you cannot take your clients any deeper than you have gone yourself.  Together, we will explore the areas that need strengthening, so that you can 10x your performance, your clients and/or  the organization that you lead.


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